Mr. Paolo de’ Capitani di Vimercate – Partner from 2006 – Tax Lawyer


Genoa / Milan


– Tax and corporate law, international taxation, financial taxation, M&A transactions, tax planning for corporations and individuals, tax and corporate litigation, consultant to Istat in the project “Measuring New Variables on the Structure and Activities of Multinational Enterprises”; participated in the research project on the tax aspects of Emission Trading conducted by Studiare Sviluppo Srl.
– President of the ICC Italy Tax Commission.
– Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors and Supervisory Board of Volkswagen Financial Services S.p.A.
– Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors of Volkswagen Mobility Services S.p.A.


Partner of the Firm since December 2006​

– Lawyer
– New York Bar
– Cassation lawyer since 4/22/2016 following qualification by examination under Article 22 Law 247/2012


– Harvard Law School: International Tax Program.
– University of Pisa: PhD in Private Law.
– University of Genoa: Law degree 110/110 with honors and dignity of press.
– University of Mainz: Johannes Gutenberg Erasmus Program.
– University of Chieti-Pescara: PhD in tax law


English, German and Spanish (very good level), French



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